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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Challenge Area

 Share your completed challenge on our Facebook or by emailing your class teacher. 

Our Challenge and resource link are linked today.

We would love to challenge our HP families to take part in the Joy of Moving Home Festival.

Millions of children will be taking part in being active as well as some of our local football clubs like Forest. You can see the Joy of Moving booklet to discover what exciting games and activities you can do.

Mr Smith’s special challenge for you all is how many 'keepy uppy's' you can do? We would love you to tell us or send us photos or videos on how you did or show us any other games you had a go at.

Joy of Moving Booklet

Parents/Carers - if you fancied a brain challenge, Mrs Davies's latest challenge went up yesterday - check it out here 

Click here to see this week's Home Learning

During the school closures, we know that your children will be spending more time online, is important to make sure your child remains safe online - look through our guide for ways to support your child's online safety.