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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery


Maths is taught through structured sessions designed to allow children to make progress at each stage and also to think at a deeper level about each concept of skill. An anchor task at the start of the lesson contextualises the skill and also allows all children an opportunity to think deeply about the skill being taught. This is then followed by a guided practice which is more heavily structured and allows all pupils to see a skill being applied – this is also an opportunity for pupils to work together to practice a skill before moving on to the independent part of the session. This independent part is structured through the Challenge by Choice (chilli challenge) approach and pupils are given opportunities to choose the level appropriate for them and work with adult support if necessary.

Each class also does a daily 5 in 5 (or 3 in 3 in Year 1) fluency task which is designed to support children in building the speed with which they can recall number facts such as number bonds, times tables, multiplying by powers of 10 or finding simple fractions of amounts. Towards the start of the year, these are likely to be based on gaps from the academic year below but will move to be covering more age-related gaps as we move through the academic year. They are planned for individual classes based on gaps the teacher has identified through previous sessions or arithmetic practices.

Please see our year group overviews for Maths at the bottom of this page.

Times Tables

Times table subject knowledge is also something which features strongly in our teaching of mathematics. We have a three-pronged approach to this:

  • Times Table Rockstars – this is an online program which each KS2 pupil has access to and is designed to continue times table practice at home and also develops a passion and excitement around times table learning
  • Times Table Superheroes – these are a series of levelled challenges that pupils work through. They do a paper based, times table exercise weekly and move through the superhero named levels once they have completed the previous one. These again increase the emphasis on times tables but also ensure each child within a class is working on a personalised times table target and progress is tracked. These have also been made available for online learning
  • Shanghai sessions – Shanghai sessions take place fortnightly in Y1 – Y3 (moving on to weekly in Y4) and are a focused session on a specific times table which all children access.
    They are designed to absorb children in a times table for a lesson and allow for repetition and building up of knowledge through guided sessions and short tasks which in turn lead to increased independence in that particular times table.

Follow the links to watch video guides showing how your child is taught to complete calculations.


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