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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Who's Who


Executive Head Teacher

Mrs Nicola Davies

Head of School                      

Miss Samantha Arnold

 Chief Executive Officer - Transform Trust

Rebecca Meredith

Chief Operating Officer - Transform Trust                    

Jill Wilkinson

 Director of Quality Assurance - Transform Trust                    

Claire Stafford

Senior leaders

Mrs Harvey (Executive Inclusion Leader)

Miss Davies (Assistant Head Teacher - on maternity leave)

Mrs Woodhead (Assistant Head Teacher)

Miss Baker (SENCO)

Mrs Bacon (Early Years Foundation Stage Leader)

Mr Rathe (Maths Leader)

Mr Hughes (Operations & Services Leader)

Miss Roe (Curriculum Lead)

Miss Wragg (Phonics Leader)


Foundation 1

  • Mrs Dixon & Mrs Taylor

Foundation 2

  • Mrs Bacon
  • Mr W Smith

Year 1

  • Mrs O’Kane
  • Miss Wood

Year 2

  • Miss Baker
  • Miss Wragg

Year 3

  • Mrs Wilkinson
  • Mrs Bardgett

Year 4

  • Mr Rathe
  • Miss Davies

Year 5

  • Mr Gleave
  • Mr G Smith

Year 6

  • Mrs Woodhead
  • Miss Roe


Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs Pearson
  • Miss Franks
  • Miss Willett
  • Mrs Morgan
  • Mrs Barnett
  • Mrs Richardson
  • Mrs Clarke
  • Miss Billingham
  • Mrs Williams
  • Mrs Cavill
  • Mrs Hicklin
  • Mrs Smith
  • Mrs Kennedy
  • Mrs Smart
  • Mrs Willows (Care Assistant)
  • Mrs Scothern (Care Assistant)
  • Mrs Williams (Care Assistant)
  • Miss Brown (Care Assistant)
  • Mrs Mott (Care Assistant)

Administration Staff

Office Manager: Miss Wall

Finance and Communications Assistant: Mrs Marshall

Office Administrator: Mrs Tarpey                                                

Office Administrator: Mrs Bent

Office Administrator: Mrs Rigley

Attendance Officer: Mr Bettridge

Additional Personnel

Executive Personal Assistant: Miss Mullaney

Technical Support Officer: Mr Scattergood

Catering Staff

Cook-in-Charge: Mrs Howarth

Catering Assistants: Miss Guyler

                                    Mrs Dabell



  • Mrs Bent                                 (Senior MDSA)          
  • Mrs Banister
  • Mrs Blake
  • Mrs Clarke
  • Miss Ford
  • Miss Gorgal
  • Mrs Tate
  • Mrs Housechild
  • Miss Todd
  • Mr Latter
  • Miss Hallam

Site and Cleaning Team

  • Mr Walker                (Site Manager)
  • Mr Latter                  (Site Assistant)
  • Miss Ford
  • Miss Todd
  • Mrs Hallam
  • Mrs Tate