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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Who's Who

 Executive Head Teacher

Mrs Nicola Davies

Head of School                      

Miss Samantha Arnold

Senior leaders

Mrs Harvey (Executive Inclusion Leader)

Miss Davies (Assistant Head Teacher)

Mrs Woodhead (Assistant Head Teacher)

Miss Baker (SENCO)

Mrs Vowles (Early Years Foundation Stage Leader)

Mr Rathe (Maths Leader)

Mr Hughes (Operations & Services Leader)

Mrs Payne (EYFS Lead)

Miss Roe (Curriculum Lead)


Foundation 1

  • Mr W Smith

Foundation 2

  • Mrs Dixon & Mrs Bennett
  • Mrs Payne

Year 1

  • Mrs O’Kane
  • Mrs Barnes & Mrs Grimwade

Year 2

  • Mrs Vowles
  • Miss Baker

Year 3

  • Mrs Wilkinson
  • Mrs Bardgett

Year 4

  • Mr Gleave
  • Mr G Smith

Year 5

  • Miss Roe
  • Miss Davies

Year 6

  • Mrs Woodhead
  • Mr Rathe


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs Humphreys (HLTA)
  • Mrs Walker (HLTA)
  • Ms Roe (Pastoral Leader)

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs Barnett 
  • Mrs Billingham
  • Mrs Cavill
  • Mrs Clarke
  • Mr Collins
  • Miss Franks
  • Mrs Hicklin
  • Mrs Kennedy
  • Mrs Morgan
  • Mrs Pearson
  • Mrs Richardson
  • Mrs Smart
  • Mrs Smith
  • Miss Willett
  • Mrs Williams   
  • Miss Brown (Care Assistant)
  • Mrs Williams (Care Assistant)
  • Mrs Mott (Care Assistant)

Administration Staff


Office Manager: Miss Wall

Finance and Communications Assistant: Mrs Turner

Office Administrator: Mrs Tarpey                                                

Office Administrator: Mrs Bent

Office Administrator: Mrs Marshall

Attendance Officer: Mr Bettridge

Additional Personnel

Executive Personal Assistant: Miss Mullaney

Technical Support Officer: Mr Scattergood

Catering Staff

Cook-in-Charge: Mrs Howarth

Catering Assistants: Miss Guyler

                                    Mrs Dabell

                                    Mrs Dennison


  • Mrs Bent                                 (Senior MDSA)          
  • Mrs Banister
  • Mrs Blake
  • Miss Brown
  • Mrs Clarke
  • Miss Ford
  • Mrs Gibson
  • Miss Gorgal
  • Mrs Tate
  • Mrs Housechild
  • Miss Todd
  • Mr Latter

Site and Cleaning Team

  • Mr Tannahill                 (Site Manager)
  • Mrs Willows                 (Cleaner in Charge)
  • Miss Ford
  • Mrs Stirland
  • Mrs Gibson
  • Mrs Hallam
  • Mrs Tate