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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery


Writing across Holgate Primary School

The teaching of writing is a key skill applied throughout the whole curriculum. Discreet English sessions are utilised to ensure that all areas of the writing curriculum are covered.

To support their development of writing, children have specific Grammar Skills and Spelling teaching incorporated into their English lessons. A range of approaches to spelling teaching is deployed, including the use of No-Nonsense Spelling for KS2 and within Monster phonic sessions for KS1. Grammar is taught using Rainbow Grammar. Rainbow Grammar is a systematic approach to teaching grammar and punctuation created by Jason Wade (a Grammar expert). This approach separates sentences into eight parts of grammar and assigns each a colour. During their time at our school, children will learn about each colour and how they can be combined to create a rich array of sentence structures. Children, where appropriate, are given opportunities to practice grammar skills through daily grammar starters.

Handwriting is taught using Nelson Handwriting. This begins with sessions focusing on developing gross and fine motor skills and moves on to letter formation and joining. As children become more competent with their handwriting, they are able to use pens in their writing.

Writing units are planned around a quality text. Units are structured to allow for immersion in the text/writing genre, the practicing of key grammatical and structural features. Units come to a close with an end written outcome which will follow the writing format of plan, write, edit to an age-appropriate level. Marking symbols are used to share success criteria and build children’s autonomy with developing their own writing skills. Writing units and quality texts are generally linked to vehicle learning in order to allow children to apply text specific language and skills to independent writing.

Children are given opportunities to write for different purposes and different audiences both in discreet English sessions and across the wider curriculum. The English and Vehicle long term plans are linked together to support children with this.