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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Daily Challenge 24.4.2020

Great quiz work yesterday!

Today’s challenge requires combining your maths and drawing skills. We want you to create a picture using only 2D shapes
You might want to draw a monster, a robot, a person or even a landscape. The only rule is you have to use 2D shapes! Try listing the shapes you've used. Can you count how many of the different shapes you have used?
If you want to give yourself an extra challenge, you could use only one type of 2D shape e.g. only triangles to create your masterpiece. Let us see what you got up to!

There are lots of websites of Science websites out there that point you in the direction of science experiments you can do at home. We like Science Bob which has lots of easy to follow science experiments. We really like the optical illusions – you don’t need any resources for this one. How does looking at the optical illusions make you feel? Can you create any of your own? 

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Parents and carers, if you are looking for a bit of a puzzle - Mrs Davies has started a weekly Parent Challenge. Find out more information here. 

Don't forget to look at the class pages to see this week's Home Learning.