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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Big Me Week in...Year 2!

We have been holding a Big Me Week this week! Throughout the week, every year group were visited by different professionals who told us all about their jobs! 

Year 2 found out about a particularly special job today as part of Big Me Week. They discovered all about the very important role guide dogs have helping those in need.

In Year 2, we had a Mr Beasley, a Police Officer come to talk to us about his job. He told us about the equipment he carries and how he uses it safely; handcuffs, truncheon and pepper spray. He answered lots of questions and told us about lots of different roles in the police force; SWAT team, crime investigators and dog handlers. It was great learn so much new information.

Mr Riley also came to talk to us about being in the army. He told us about lots of different jobs in the army; electrician, tank technician, bomb disposal, driver, engineer and health care to name but a few. He showed us his kit; camouflaged uniform, rucksack, helmet and protective vest. He explained he had travelled to many different countries and that if you worked hard there were lots of different career opportunities.