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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Big Me Week in...Year 5!

We have been holding a Big Me Week this week! Throughout the week, every year group were visited by different professionals who told us all about their jobs! 

Year 5 had Sara from Jelly Fitness in to tell us all about the life of a personal trainer. We even got a 20 minute Boot Camp session! Thank you Sara, Year 5 had a fab (if not a bit tiring!) time!

Brad, the Head of Operations from Remarkable.netcame in to Year 5. He told us about how Remarkable have been making websites for shops and businesses for 20 years. We discovered about the different roles that exist in a company like Remarkable from Receptionists to Web Developers to Web Designers to the Marketing Team. We looked at some of the websites and apps that they had built.

He showed us a video of Remarkable's offices - we were amazed by how many computers there were (and a bit jealous of the games room!).

Brad then taught us the importance of marketing and branding. We designed some logos for a new company and Brad showed us how to make those logos become a reality using Photoshop. Thanks Brad, we really enjoyed your visit!