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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Nursery's Environment Walk!

This week in Nursery's Curriculum Vehicle ‘Run Wild,’ they have been learning about their environment both inside and outside.

The children have walked around the school and looked around to see what they could find. They loved finding the fire escape signs and climbing the stairs. They listened for sounds and all of the corridors were really quiet. They heard some children working outside year 3 and some children going to PE. They heard the photo copier, the phones and the lift.

They had a go in the lift and even sat in the staffroom - which was very quiet! 

Then, they looked outside their classroom, finding the playground and a big hill that we rolled down. They ran on the field and raced Mr Smith. The children saw trees, cars, and houses on our walk. Listening carefully, Nursery heard tractors, cars and children playing, who were bouncing balls and shouting having fun.

Now, the children know where they can play loud games and where they need to use their inside voices.