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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Home Learning

Look through this section to support home learning. You will find specific work and ways to contact class teachers on each year group page. 

There are also Mindfulness and Downtime Activities and links to online education resources.

Update for 3.4.2020

Following the closure of our school on Friday 20th March for the majority of our pupils, each child was provided with a basic stationery pack from the school and an initial pack of paper-based home learning tasks for the first couple of weeks that were set by their class teacher. In addition to this, there has been a range of online learning opportunities developed and publicised to complete whilst they are at home.

As a result, as we move forward to the Summer Term after the Easter Break there will continue to be ongoing activities and learning opportunities set on-line in a range of formats. See the attached letter for further details along with a FAQs section at the end of the letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my child be working and for how long?

The most important thing is establishing a routine for the children. We would recommend breaking the day up and throughout the day, the children do 2 or 3 short activities. Remember, they will be getting work done much quicker without lesson format they usually have in school. 

What do I do, if my child needs help but I don’t understand it?

Please don’t worry, there are a lot of concepts that our children are taught, which are new to parents! If you are unsure or would like to just check something. Do not hesitate to contact your class teacher on the class email. These can be located in your year group to the right. 

What do I do if my child completes everything?

While the paper-based work may be complete, there will be ongoing work set on line, in particular, through Purple Mash, Times Table Rock Stars,  Numbots and Teach Your Monster to Read (EYFS/KS1). These are reviewed by staff regularly and new tasks will be set every couple of days.

In addition to this, keep an eye out for the ‘Daily Challenge’ set each day on Facebook and in our Challenge Area. These are nice activities that can be done with the whole family and will count as part of their learning time. Remember please share how you have got on with these!

What can I do if my child in anxious and struggling with not being in school?

This is completely normal and understandable, as this is quite a unique situation and very different to their normal routine. Where possible, we suggest keeping an element of routine to the day and letting the children know what they will be doing. We have all created a page on the website called ‘Chill and Mindfulness Activities. Here there are a range of activities that can be used to help support your child through this situation.

What can I do if they are bored?

While Purple Mash, Times Table Rock Stars,  Numbots and Teach Your Monster to Read (EYFS/KS1) have activities set by the teacher, your child can also complete other activities that they find interesting.

This can also be sent to the teacher. If a child wants to learn about something different to what has been set, this is fine and we look forward to seeing what they have done. In addition to this, we are constantly updating the websites that may help during this tricky period, these can be found in Education Resource Links. Also there are also some fantastic ideas in Chill and Mindfulness Activities including links to museum tours. Maybe your child could let their teacher know what they have been up to, via the class email.

I am worried they are falling behind, what can I do?

We understand you are worried, but please don’t be. It is a unique situation for everyone and what is important at this moment that people stay healthy and safe. While they are not in school, it is important to maintain some routine and regular short activities are perfect, please do not worry about teaching your child anything new. When we return to school, staff will identify where the children are and then teach what is needed. Please try not to worry, we are all in the same position.

My child is stuck with something on Purple Mash, what can I do?

Purple Mash is great and the children can communicate with staff and ask questions about the work and ask for help/feedback through the Purple Mash 2Email feature (search for ‘2Email’ from the Purple Mash ‘Home’ page).

Staff will be checking this regularly. Alternatively, you can email the class teacher via the class email.

What can I do if I do not have access to the Internet?

We understand this is difficult for some of our families. There are a range of activities you could do. Here are a few ideas:

  • Reading a story/ creating your own stories
  • Keeping a diary
  • There are many educational programmes on currently, maybe the children can list the 3 things they have found out
  • Practise maths skills, maybe adding and subtracting. You could always use receipts and things to help with this. If cooking, get the children to help and they could measure and weigh ingredients
  • Play board games/ card games and maybe the children could create their own.