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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Mrs O’Kane

(1HO Class Teacher)

Mrs Bacon

(F2SBY1 Class Teacher)

Mrs Barnett

Mrs Brown


Mrs Williams

For more information about Mrs O'Kane and Mrs Bacon, please see their 'Meet the Teacher' sheet at the bottom of this page. 

Key Days in Year 1 are: 

  •  PE in Y1 takes place on a Monday and Wednesday.

Learning in Year 1 

Leaving F2 behind and moving into Year 1 is a big step for all children. We aim to make the transition into Year 1 a smooth one.  Year 1 children's day may seem a little more structure than in was in F2 as they will sit at tables, but they will still be learning a variety of different ways. Although they will have left the EYFS behind at the end of F2,  some goals may be carried on with them as they move into Year 1. Year 1 is the first year of the National Curriculum.

Like all year groups, Year 1 has government statutory schemes of learning to follow. The children will be assessed throughout and at the end of the year to see if they have reached the expected standard. All children are supported and are given extra support and guidance if needed.

Our Year 1 Learning:

In the Autumn term, the children in Year 1 begin with a Curriculum Vehicle called ‘Magnificent Me’. As a transition from the EYFS, the children will learn more about themselves and their families. This Curriculum Vehicle involves the children understanding the parts of the body linked to their senses and how their body changes as they grow older.  Year 1 will be encouraged to think about their own family and the different ages of the people compared to themselves. This also involves looking at changes over time, learning about toys from the past and making comparison with toys that members of their family may have played with. To conclude their learning, the children will learn about basic mechanisms (leavers and sliders) for them to design and make a book an interactive book all about themselves.

In the second half of the Autumn term, the children will learn through a Curriculum Vehicle called ‘Who lives in a place like this?’ In this Curriculum Vehicle, the children will learn about the school and where they live, looking at the geographical features of the school grounds and the surrounding area. To develop their geographical understanding, Year 1 will complete a fieldwork study of the school grounds and grow their knowledge of how things have changed over time. This Vehicle will be enhanced by the children planning and attending a walk of the local area, looking for various features and landmarks along the way. After gaining an understanding of buildings in the locality, children will design, make and evaluate a building structure against a set criterion to conclude their learning.

Moving into the Spring term, the children will explore a Curriculum Vehicle known as ‘What’s in the forest?’ To follow on from their learning about where they live, the children will continue to develop their geographical knowledge of the local area and then moving onto Nottinghamshire with a specific focus on Sherwood Forest – which will be a curriculum visit. The children will investigate the legend of Robin Hood further and how he is said to have ‘stole from the rich and gave to the poor’. They will explore the concept of given to those less fortunate and research about the role of food banks in the local area, which will enable them to be an active citizen.

Year 1 children in the summer term move on to study a Curriculum Vehicle called ‘Waka Waka.’ They will commence a study of a non-European region involving researching and learning about a specific region of Africa and the key geographical features, climate and location. The children will look at the types of animals that live in Africa and compare these to those that live in the UK. To enable children to develop their understanding of healthy living, they will talk about the types of food that grow it hot climates and learn about having a healthy and nutritious diet and design. All of this knowledge will result in children producing a fruity meal.

In the final term of Year 1, the children will complete the Curriculum Vehicle of ‘Glorious Gardens’. During this Vehicle the children will work with a professional gardener and learn about this job role whilst completing a linked project through which they will design a new hanging basket for a local care home. The children will build upon learning from EYFS and Forest Schools sessions and will learn about plants and trees – their parts and functions and what they need to survive and will use this information and learning from Scientific investigations in order to grow plants successfully. 

English (Writing, Reading and Phonics)

  • Phonics is a big part of Year 1. The children will continue to expand on their knowledge of phonics. They will have daily phonics sessions, just like they did in F2. These are fun, pacy sessions which involve games and tasks. They will learn tricky words, spelling rules and how to sound out and blend to aid them with their reading and writing. By the end of the year, children will know all of the phonics up to Phase 5. At the end of Year 1, the children will complete a Phonics Screening Check. For more information about our phonics progression, please visit our Phonics page. 
  • In their English sessions, children will use quality texts to develop their understanding of writing. They will produce extended written outcomes. We encourage the children to explore a wider range of texts and stories. For more information on our English curriculum, visit our Curriculum page. 


Maths sessions happen daily with plenty of hands-on activities. Year 1 children will count with objects and work in groups to explore shapes and pattern. As they are now confidently using numbers over 20, they will begin to explore more problem-based maths including, adding and subtracting. Number bonds will also be reinforced. They will learn to count forwards, backwards, in 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, and they will double and halve. 

If you want to see how Year 1 at Holgate are taught to apply different calculation techniques in maths, click here to view videos support guides. 

The Wider Curriculum

We teach our wider curriculum through a mix of discreet (stand-alone) sessions and those taught through the curriculum vehicle. For more information on our Curriculum Offer, please visit our Curriculum pages.