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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery


To ensure the school premises are a safe environment for children, school employees, visitors and parents/ guardians, for example by the use of Security ID Cards, Visitor registration, Employee and Governor photographic displays.  The types of personal information we need for this purpose include:

  • Personal Images (Photographs)
  • Name, vehicle registration (Visitor registration)

The purpose of this use of data is for public safety and the prevention of crime, and our legal basis for using the information in this way is a task in the public interest.

The school is the data controller. Our visitor registration system is supported by our provider under contract.

Our visitor records will be held for seven years.

No personal information is routinely available outside of the UK.  Should a transfer of personal information be necessary we will only do so where it is permitted by law and where appropriate safeguards are in place.

For information about your rights in relation to this use of your personal information please see section 5 of our overarching privacy notice.