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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Key Days in Year 4 are: 

  • PE days will be updated following the wider reopening of school. If your child is currently attending school, please speak to the adults leading their bubble about PE days. 

Learning in Year 4

Please note that for the majority of our children, all learning is currently taking place online. Please visit our Remote Learning pages for more information about our school's remote learning offer and contact the year group team for more specific support. 

Year 4 is the second year of KS2. In Year 4, we continue to nurture and encourage the feelings of independent thinking, learning and decision making. 

Like all year groups, Year 4 has government statutory schemes of learning to follow. The children will be assessed throughout and at the end of the year to see if they have reached the expected standard. At the end of Year 4, there is a multiplication tables check, when children will be expected to recall their times tables from 1 to 12 in a timed test.*

*Please note for  the academic year 2020-2021 there will be no multiplication check


  • In their English sessions, children will use quality texts to develop their understanding of writing. They will produce extended written outcomes for a variety of purposes including writing to persuade, entertain and inform. The children will become more confident at following the writing process of: plan, write, edit and redraft.
  • Grammar becomes a wider focus in KS2, the children in Year 4 will continue to develop their understanding of a wider range of grammatical concepts. For more information on our English curriculum, visit our Curriculum page. 
  • There continues to be a focus on handwriting with children expected to be joined. 
  • Please view our Reading Spine for Year 4 - In Year 4, the texts in our Reading Spine are used to supplement the children's 'reading diet' and will not all be used as taught texts.  These include a range from picture books, poetry to classical texts. 


In lower Key Stage 2, the principal focus of maths teaching is to ensure that children become increasingly fluent with whole numbers and the four operations, including number facts and the concept of place value. This should ensure that pupils develop efficient written and mental methods and perform calculations accurately with increasingly large whole numbers.

At this stage, children should develop their ability to solve a range of problems, including with simple fractions and decimal place value. Children will also draw with increasing accuracy and develop mathematical reasoning so they can analyse shapes and their properties, and confidently describe the relationships between them. It should ensure that they can accurately use measuring instruments and make connections between measure and number.

By the end of Year 4, children should have memorised their times tables up to and including the 12 times table, and they will show precision and fluency in their work. Pupils should read and spell mathematical vocabulary correctly and confidently, using their growing word reading knowledge and their knowledge of spelling.

If you want to see how Year 4 at Holgate are taught to apply different calculation techniques in maths, click here to view videos support guides. 

The Wider Curriculum

We teach our wider curriculum through a mix of discreet (stand-alone) sessions and those taught through the curriculum vehicle. For more information on our Curriculum Offer, please visit our Curriculum pages.  

During the school closures, we know that your children will be spending more time online, is important to make sure your child remains safe online - look through our guide for ways to support your child's online safety. 

If your child is struggling to make sense of the current situation, sharing our social story or one of these ebooks may help: