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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Space-themed piece of art

Whilst some of our cohort have been away in Bamburgh, the rest of the year 5 have been incredibly busy back in Nottingham. 

We have finished our vehicle unit on Ancient Greek with some amazing mosaics and printing in the style of an amphora. The children are experts in what these could be used for and the pros (and definitely the cons) of being a child in Ancient Greek times, particularly if they lived in the city state of Sparta! 

We have also looked at introducing a character and action song into the preparation for an Ancient Greek 'themed' musical performance which we will be able to give further details of soon! 

Last but not least, we have introduced our new unit which will be based around space. We have been busy preparing our paper mâché solar system ready for display and prepared a background for a space-themed piece of art. 

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