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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Chill and Mindfulness Activities

Downtime is really important to support your mental health.

Here are some activities you may want to engage in. 

Get Active

  • Joe Wicks' Daily Youtube Live Stream Workout at 9am
  • Cosmic Kids have lots of Yoga videos designed for children on their Youtube Channel
  • Our children love Go Noodle they have videos on their Youtube and their website
  • BBC Supermovers have loads of fun and active videos on their page 
  • The NHS has teamed up with Disney to produce some 10 minute Wake and Shake videos 
  • Typing in 'Just Dance' into Youtube brings up a lot of dancing videos you can follow along with!
  • Play Keepie-uppies in your garden
  • Have a dance party

Get Creative

Get Exploring

Get Reading

Get Calm


Get Imaginative

  • Set up your own role-play area, den or fort
  • Create an 'at-home' shop - take turns running it