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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Year 6 Transition


We know that moving up to Secondary School is going to look very different this year.  To help both children and parents through this, we are sharing a number of resources to support. 

Please note, this is using the materials available as of January 2021 and will be updated throughout the Spring and Summer Terms. 

General Transition Resources

Holgate Academy

If your child is moving up to Holgate Academy,  you may want to explore their school website - click here. You can email any queries you have about Holgate's transition directly to the Transition team on

National CofE Academy

If your child is moving up to National Academy,  you may want to explore their school website - click here. They have also set up a dedicated Transition section which can be found here

Mr Brailsford (National CofE Academy Principal)  has a recorded a message for next year's Year 7's - check it out here. 

For Parents 

The move to secondary school, for many parents, is a time of major change, bringing great anticipation and anxiety. Some parents, who have experienced this move before with older children, will be more familiar and probably confident about the process. However, even for 'experienced' parents and especially for 'first time' parents, there are many uncertainties. Every child is different and will respond differently to the move.

These resources may support you with preparing for your child's move to secondary. 

  • Parent Guide to Transition - this is full of FAQs and useful advice for ways support your child from building resilience to helping them get into good habits ready for secondary.


  • Listen to your child's hopes and fears
  • Be positive about the move to secondary school
  • Think of ways through any problems that might arise
  • Have a look at the school’s website and keep checking for any digital updates
  • Work out the journey to school with your child
  • Help your child to buy all the equipment they need
  • Find out how to talk with teachers about how your child is getting on
  • Find out who to talk to if there is a problem
  • Encourage your child to tell you things they have enjoyed and things that are bothering them.
  • Always talk about the small issues before they become big problems!

Try not to...

  • Pass on myths and stories that may worry your child.
  • Be negative about the school. 
  • Expect your child to manage the transfer by themselves. 
  • Do everything for them. 
  • Ask older brothers/sisters to be responsible for them.
  • Expect the secondary school to work in the same way as the primary school.