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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

Using the Zones of Regulation At Home

Talk through the zones with your child. Ask them how they would feel in each zone?

  • Discuss what emotion they feel in each zone e.g. in the yellow zone I may feel worried
  • How they physically feel, e.g. in yellow zone I may have butterflies in my stomach or have sweaty palms (if feeling anxious).
  • Then discuss what might they be doing - what are their actions e.g. in yellow zone would they be pacing around, snapping at others, fidgeting?
  • Then, discuss how to help them move into the Green zone e.g. if I was in the Yellow zone and feeling anxious I might find completing some stretches or breathing techniques helps me get back into the green zone.
  • Create a list of strategies that work for the child- Remind the child that we are all unique and the strategies that work for one person might not help them, so they need to think about what would help them.

Remind them that we will experience all zones and there are no good or bad zones- but our success in regulating our emotions depends on us recognising our emotions, understanding them and putting a support strategy in place.

See below for some printable resources for use at home. If you would like any support with using these resources please come along to our Zones of Regulation Coffee Mornings for Parents and Carers. We are also happy to print any resources needed to support regulation at home.