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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery

physical education


We aim for children to have developed the confidence, sportsmanship, resilience and determination in order to achieve and be able to apply these transferable skills to other areas of their lives. Children will have opportunities to try a variety of sports and develop skills and find enjoyment in being active so they can lead a healthy future life.


We have implemented a new teaching tool in the form of the PE hub and are working towards developing our own assessment tool to enable staff to quickly assess PE skills that have been taught. Staff are now using the scheme. The transition has been relatively smooth.

We have also provided staff meetings about what a good PE lesson looks like and explained our expectations of PE. We discussed in depth how to differentiate PE lessons using the STTEP model to support SEN, BA, AA+.

We have had forest coaches deliver staff meetings about active learning to give ideas to staff on what we can do to make the learning more active in lessons.

We have organised and tidied the PE store so that equipment is more accessible.

Our coaches are supporting at lunchtimes to engage a range of targeted children including girls and less active children with supported games, feedback and positive praise.

We have set up multiple sports after school clubs which have been offered to a range of children. We have enlisted children from the senior school that have shown an interest in coaching in their later careers and have begun to build relationships with external providers to develop links with the community.

We have targeted whole school events such as the London Marathon this year asking children to run, walk, skip a distance of 2.6 miles over the week and have plans in the future for more events such as the race for life.

Each area of P.E is taught in blocks of 6 lessons which are both progressive and engaging. We use PE Hub as a planning tool to help all staff deliver P.E lessons which incorporate all the elements of a high-quality P.E lesson. As part of staff CPD and experience for pupils, we employ a coach from First step to fitness who attends every Monday to work with 4 classes each week for a half term. We also employ 1 full day of Nottingham Forest Primary Stars coach who work alongside teachers as part of their CPD. The Nottingham Forest coaches also deliver reading, English and maths interventions and run afterschool clubs. Our curriculum is mapped to ensure all staff in have access to a coach for at least one full term.

Wider parts of our PE Curriculum:

PE Crew 

Our PE Crew are a group of KS2 children who meet weekly with coach Kamen to discuss active ways in which to encourage children to be active as well as discuss ideas around healthy lifestyles.  

Sports Ambassadors  

Our Sports Ambassadors are a group of Year 5 and 6 children who plan, design and organise lunchtime games and activities for children to participate in, they will set up the games and deliver them to children who choose to take part in, the games cover different sports, active challenges and teamwork.  


Our children are more aware of diverse groups within sports. They understand that racism is not acceptable and know that speaking up can help minority groups. They are aware of achievements women have made in sports and know that sports like football, are not just ‘men’s sports’.   

Active 60 

Pupils at Holgate have opportunities to be active for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, which according to the DfE is the recommended time for pupils. This is extended to 60 physical minutes for the hours out of school. Therefore, pupils are encouraged to be active out of P.E curriculum time. Opportunities for pupils to apply skills learnt in their lessons are available at playtimes.  



Physical Education in the EYFS - Physical Development – Gross and Fine Motor



After school clubs for Summer 2


Intra school