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Our computing curriculum in delivered using the Purple Mash scheme of work.

The computing scheme of work has a large focus on internet and online safety. This is a topic our children need to have good understanding of as many are spending substantial amounts of time online at home without supervision. The scheme also has a focus on computer literacy skills, such as typing, word processing and spreadsheets.  This sets our children up well to compete for jobs in a digitally progressive diverse world.

The computing scheme of work gives the children the knowledge and information they need to stay safe online immediately and, in the future, whilst also giving them the skills that are required to have good digital knowledge and understanding. 

The children having a proficient level of digital competency, and this will support them as they move through education and into employment. The computing scheme of work provides them with the skills to ensure they are employable in a diverse digital world.

The scheme builds progressively on knowledge throughout. Such as with the online safety strand, year 1 children would know how to seek help from an adult when they see something that is unexpected or worrying - building to Year 6 who study live messaging in games and other mobile devices and what is appropriate online behaviour (including looking at cyberbullying).


The Scheme of work in broken up into units and build knowledge and skills year by year, such as the coding and online safety units.

Lessons begin with the knowledge retrieval, followed by teacher input, modelling and the sharing of key vocabulary. The children will then have independent tasks to complete based on the unit of work. This is submitted to the teacher for feedback. 

All resources and planning are found through Purple Mash. This includes resources for the children and staff. Additional support for the delivery of computing can also be found in the unit folder on Purple Mash.

Staff have attended a twilight meeting, delivered by computing leads and Purple Mash staff, to support them with their usage of Purple Mash and the delivery of their computing teaching.  Staff have felt more comfortable using Purple Mash since this and the delivery of computing has been more effective.

Differentiation and support for SEND children is provided through the Purple Mash schemes of work, such as offering story boards for coding in Yr4 and children making a collective Blog in Year 6, rather than individual.

The scheme aims to give children enough knowledge in the 3 strands of computing (computer science, digital literacy, information technology) to support and prepare them for the transition into Year 7.


Examples of displays and children’s work demonstrate our intent and implementation for all pupils.




Year 1 Presenting Data:

Year 2 Digital Art:

Year 3 Using Repetition:

Year 4 Presenting Data:

Year 4 Making Music:

Year 5 Creating a 3D Model:

Year 5 Creating a Game:

Year 5 Sharing Work on the Display Board