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Holgate Primary and Nursery

Holgate Primary and Nursery



At Sutton Road and Holgate Primary, our intent within Art is to ensure that our children learn a variety of skills and knowledge surrounding the learning of Art but, also to develop opportunities for them to be inspired and express their own individual creativity.

Art is woven into our vehicle learning, alongside diverse links to a range of past and present great artists, to ensure that our children can explore, investigate and become curious about their work and the techniques that they use. We focus on developing our children’s painting and drawing skills throughout their time at our schools and weave in new learning around 3D form and printing to ensure that we maintain and stimulate our children’s love of Art.

Through the practicing and experimenting of skills and techniques, we aim for our children to develop their resilience and an understanding of Art being a form of expression with no right or wrong answer – as Picasso said, “Every child is an artist!” With the freedom to experiment, develop, create and reflect, we aim to raise our children’s aspirations and support them to progress and achieve in this subject area.


Based on the 2014 National Curriculum, we have developed a curriculum for our collaboration,  which aims to provide opportunities for children to develop their Art skills and create artwork related to their Vehicle learning through our children’s effective use of sketchbooks. Each year group builds upon previous knowledge and skills to enhance and up-level their creations.
E.g. Drawing starts off as mark-making in EYFs, moves through to looking at a variation in line and tone, towards showing light and shadow within pictures and finally understanding and explaining how that effect is achieved by the end of Year 6.


Examples of children’s work and displays demonstrate our intent and implementation for all pupils.